Our Released Artists


Bim One Production




The concept of Bim One pruduction is “world standard soundsystem music” they has been already producing and remixing
fat, edgy and forward thinking
reggae sound. They also collaborating with domestic and oversea artists. They have released
“Nah Bwoy” featuring Miss Red on Scotch Bonnet, “Come Again” 
featuring Pad Anthony on Pure Niceness Records and many
more remix works.






Macka B


 macka b artist photo


Christopher MacFarlane, better known as Macka B, is a British reggae artist, performer and activist with a career
spanning thirty years in the United Kingdom
and Jamaica. Macka B is one of Britain’s most influential dancehall
toasters.”As a practising Rastafari, Macka B’s music is based around the political and spiritual
message of the
religion, with an often light and humorous touch. Working with the Mad Professor, he combined dancehall and
dub styles of reggae, although
has avoided a more commercial crossover approach. He takes his name from the
Judean rebels against the Greeks, the Maccabees.LifeBorn in Wolverhampton to Jamaican parents, as a child
Macka B was first
impressed by the reggae of the Lord Barley sound-system playing at a blues party next to his
parents’ house, but also played violin and sang in the choir at
school. He went on to take a technical
apprenticeship at the Ever Ready factory. When the factory closed and he was laid off, he began to devote more
time to
practising his toasting skills, influenced by earlier Jamaican toasters U-Roy, I-Roy, Big Youth, and
especially Prince Far I.





Junior Dread


junior dread artist photo


Born and raised in the guetos of Vila Guilherme São paulo Brasil. Carlos Almeida Jr “aka” Junior Dread represent the new generation of counciouss reggae music worldwilde. His music bring the positive message of love and “overstanding” to the world. He’s been toured at Japan,Germany,Austrália,New Zealand,Portugal,Spain,Uk,Czech Republic and all over Brasil spreading the “Word Sound and Power” Culture.